Dienstag, 15. Januar 2013

P O O R S O M E O N E - dynamic post(!)

i deeply believe that to follow a guru can not be healthy. where is he if i am going to die? - some days ago i was meditating abt the death abt dying.

first thing what came in my mind ... associating coldness ... i immediately could throw away: if you will desease you will not feel cold or warm anymore - how beautiful! ... you will not hear anything ... you will not see anything ... if you experience those wellknown phenomena as "the movie of your life" ... "going into a bright white light" ... i guess you still can think and while you think you will say to yourself ... "this cannot be the end of the thing, because thinking means that the cells in your brain are still active ... and an interesting question could be: this "metathinking" ... that i am consious t h a t  i am thinking ... will this be alive when it comes to the last breaths?

conclusio: poor someone who is accompanied by a guru or jesus or someone else while he is dying

anyway - the english expression "to pass away" has something of "fade away" for me.

and this "fade away" you can train while meditating about death:

ignore that you can hear
ignore that you can see
ignore that you can feel
ignore that you can speak
ignore that you can taste something
ignore that you can imagine
ignore that you can think

thats all

its like beeing in an anechoic chamber with the ears wide opened
its like beeing in a completely dark room with the eyes wide opened
its like beeing without any feeling for touches
its like beeing unable to speak and to understand any language or speech
its like drinking the purest water imaginable
its like beeing unable to imagine whatever, except to imagine that you can't imagine
its like beeing unable to think - thoughtlessness -

the only point where its difficult is the imagination! - because to ignore all those things needs a lot of
imagination, n e g a t i v e   imagination so to say ... which is not numbness, but the opposite of it:
full awareness - the awarness of quitting every perception, imagination and thinking ... then what remains? ... what have to be faded out within this "game" too ... ? that is awarness standing for itsself ... without any object to be percepted nor from outside neither from inside.

i remember a zen saying:
if you meditate get into your own grave

i think the best posture should be lying, because you can completely fade out any muscular activities

do it in the morning - after beeing waked up
do it in the evening - before you decide to sleep

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