Samstag, 12. Januar 2013

D E B A T E abt?

i also want to introduce my german/english blog,
which also can be commented in english:

it's about Shantideva's BCA  =  Bodhicaryâvatâra  =  a guide to the bodhisattva way of life

i had some experiences with vipassana, i mean the goenka-vipassana which is not the only one, but one of many (vipassanas)! - germans should read this (SektenInfo NRW) but also stuff like this
... i mean - even one of the toughest critics of the goenka-organisation, hans gruber, is not blind for the merits and qualities this organisation has.

... i am until today thankful that life offered me the chance to join this course. - i also want to talk about experiences in the so called body-sweeping, which i think could be a very simple and good technique to get wind of  "the other shore" beyond "me" and "I" and "my" ... even without any teacher and formalized schedules over 10 days.

...  i deeply believe that enlightenment is possible instantly without any teacher ... and that  t h i s  is the properest way to "deal" with buddha's ideas.

... naturally ...

about all this i'd love to talk, to chat, to debate

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